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Please, be patient ...

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Since Friday 18th of December, all Euforie Fitness & Wellness branches will be closed.

Dear clients, based on a resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic, starting on December 18, 2020, all Euphoria Fitness & Wellness branches were closed. All valid bookings from have been canceled and the credit has been refunded to your card in full. We will automatically extend the membership and the validity of the credit by the same number of days for which our branches will be closed. We will inform you about all news via e-mail and social networks.

Thank you for your support, the Euforie team.

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    Fill in your personal data and contact information, set your student discount or activate your MultiSport or ActivePass card if you are a member. Don`t forget to choose one of our branches where you will pick up your club card. Please give your consent with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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    To use all our services and to be able to book lessons online, you will need our club card with prepaid credit. You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you will pay the deposit for the card and charge your club credit by credit card.

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    After successful payment, we will send you login data to the reservation system by email within 24 hours. Then you can start to book lessons online. The club card will be handed to you physically during your first visit in the branch you chose in the first step. The gym does not require booking in advance.

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