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Terms and Conditions

  • First bookings for new clients are accepted either by phone or in person at our Euforie branch. Alternatively, you can register on the website, where you can create an Euforie card online and proceed to make a reservation through the online booking system, by phone, or in person. Registration is open to individuals over the age of 15. For those under 15, registration can be completed by a legal guardian.
  • For further reservations or entry, it is necessary to obtain a Euforie reservation card (at the reception or online), which is valid for all branches. A refundable deposit of CZK 100 is required for the card. No additional services can be booked without a Euforie reservation card and a minimum credit for one entry. Online-based cards not picked up within 365 days will be canceled, and the deposit and uploaded credit will be forfeited to the operator.
  • The card can be recharged during registration according to your needs (the minimum deposit is equivalent to the cost of 1 entry, i.e., regular price 190 CZK / student 170 CZK / member). We recommend taking advantage of our beneficial bonus system - more information is available at the reception or on the Euforie website, The minimum amount for subsequent credit increases is 100 CZK.
  • When the credit is increased, the corresponding amount will be recorded in the credit line, while any bonuses earned will be reflected in the bonus section. The bonus constitutes a virtual amount that can only be utilized for services such as classes, gym access, sauna usage, etc., and is not applicable to the purchase of products like protein, bars, drinks, etc. Furthermore, it cannot be transferred to another account. The bonus is automatically deducted first. Consequently, when availing our services, the system deducts the bonus initially and then utilizes the available credit.
  • The validity of the credit and bonus on the card is 365 days from the last credit increase. Expired credit cannot be reactivated. Clients are obligated to monitor the validity of the credit on their Euforie client account.
  • Neither the credit nor the bonus is refundable. They can only be redeemed for services or products provided by us, as outlined in point 4. In the event of a lost card, the deposit is forfeited, and a new deposit of 100 CZK is charged for the issuance of a replacement card.
  • First login into our online reservation system: Visit -> click on the RESERVATION link -> fill in your UID and password. UID is your card number. Password consists of the first letters of your first and last name without diacritics, in capital letters, followed by your card number. For example, Jan Novak password with card number 900001 is JN900001. Please change your password after your first login. Changing your password is necessary for the protection and security of your data.
  • The MultiSport card is accepted at our branches, subject to proper compliance with the registration procedure outlined in points 1) and 2). Additionally, a refundable deposit of CZK 190 is required, which is utilized for making reservations. The deposit may be forfeited in the event of a no-show without timely cancellation (refer to point 11) or if applied to goods and services not covered by the MultiSport card. Any credit or bonus exceeding the shown deposit is non-refundable.
  • Reservations are recommended for group classes, Vacushape, lymphatic drainage, solarium, and sauna. Access to the gym is possible without prior reservation, but only with the use of the Euforie reservation card.
  • Free cancellation of morning reservations is possible until 8:00 PM the previous day. Afternoon reservations can be cancelled on the day of the event until 9:00 AM. In the event of cancellation after the specified deadline in this point, neither the credit nor the bonus will be refunded.
  • A change of instructor, whether permanent or in the form of a substitute, at any time is not grounds for a refund of credit for cancellations made after the times specified in clause 11 of the Booking and Terms and Conditions.
  • Lessons may be canceled by the operator without giving any reason. In such cases, the credit for the canceled lesson will be refunded to the Euforie client card.
  • Payments can be made in cash, by credit card, or via invoice. Euforie gift vouchers are also accepted, as well as online payments through the reservation system. Additionally, selected benefit vouchers and benefit cards can be used (a list of currently accepted benefits can be found in the "price list" section of our website). All benefits can only be utilized to increase the credit on the Euforie card or to purchase a membership.
  • The card is non-transferable and may not be lent, transferred, or used to pay for admission for anyone other than the person who registered. An exception is the sauna service, where the cardholder can pay for the entry of their companion.
  • The student discount applies to full-time students up to and including 26 years of age (upon presentation of a valid ISIC card or proof of enrollment).
  • Euforie customers attend lessons at their own risk. Individuals aged 10 - 14 may participate in some group classes for exercise purposes only, provided they are accompanied by a person over 18 years of age and have written consent from a legal guardian. For those under 15 years of age, information regarding the suitability of the class in terms of age is available in the class description on the website Individuals under the age of 15 may enter the gym solely for the purpose of exercise and only under the supervision of a Euforie personal trainer, with the written consent of a legal guardian.
  • The operator is not responsible for shoes or other personal belongings left outside of the locked locker. For valuables such as money, documents, keys, electronics, jewelry, etc., the operator assumes responsibility for their loss or theft only if they have been stored at the reception in lockers designated for this purpose.
  • Visitors are obliged to adhere to the current operating rules, which can be found on the bulletin boards in the fitness center and are available upon request at the reception desk.
  • Euforie reserves the right to change the schedule, price list, operating rules, and terms and conditions at any time without providing any reason. The current price list is always available on the website
  • The client is obliged to provide truthful information and, in the event of any changes, to promptly notify the operator.

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